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Pasture Raised 12CT


FARMHOUSE® Pasture Raised eggs come from hens that have plenty of room to roam outdoors and a cage-free barn to roost in at night. They are fed a wholesome diet of pure drinking water and all-vegetarian grains, with no hormones** and no antibiotics. The result is great-tasting, wholesome, nutritious brown eggs with plump yolks, firm whites and thick shells.


**No hormones are approved for use with laying hens.

Your Questions

Are they kosher?
Yes. Certified by the Orthodox Union.


Why are our eggs brown?
They come from brown hens. Yup, that's all there is to it.


Are your cartons recyclable and what are they made of?
Our 12 & 18 count cartons are made out of recycle paper material and is 100% recyclable with paper products. Our 24 count packages are made out of 100% recyclable PETE and is also 100% recyclable with #1 PETE in most communities.